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At the turn of the 19th century there were 1 million Rhinos on the African continent, we are now down to 25.000. These animals and everything they stand for is being pushed to extinction because of human greed.

A Rhino is one of the hardest animals to protect in the wild and it is also the animal that poachers are willing to go to the greatest length to kill.

When we develop and implement strategies to protect the Rhino, other species and the eco system, here in Africa and everywhere else on the planet, everything in that environment is looked after and biodiversity is preserved.

Animals do not want too much from this planet. They really only want one thing… to survive, and we as a humans continually take that away from them….

Anti Poaching rangers work alongside with communities to resolve many of the local issues at hand such at working with informers, dealing with local poaching, bush- meat trade etc. It is of extreme importance to get the communities on your side. There is no universal answer as to how to solve the various problems relating to this issue, and there are many specialized people out there working on trying to resolve them . In fact there are whole government departments working on resolving issues all around the world and it may seem as if the Anti poaching units are just a very small part of the solution to the problems that we are facing today, however the Anti Poaching is what stops the hemorrhaging.  They are there to protect what we have left in terms of wildlife and habitat before we stand to lose it all. Without them most of our wildlife would have been decimated by now.

Anti Poaching Rangers are of the most resilient and dedicated people there are, and at the same time of the LEAST appreciated..

Their job is to protect the heart and lungs of our planet. We should never forget that they are the first defense; they stand on the frontline and are our absolute best weapon against the decimation of our natural world.

A motivated ranger with the right training and equipment, tirelessly patrolling day and night walking mile after mile defending your, our treasures with their lives should surely receive the all of our appreciating and gratitude.

An Anti poaching Ranger is Mother Natures very own green army, Please never forget their sacrifice.