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Interspecies Communication

Communication is about exchanging information with another being. We do this many different ways such as language, sounds, body language and what we send out and receive in form of energy/electro magnetic waves.

An intricate science on its own, but in brief, every thought, feeling and intention carries a physical energy that takes on its own frequency; this has been beautifully exposed through quantum physics.We are picking up these frequencies all the time, from other fellow beings both human and animals, sometimes we are aware of them and sometimes not.

To successfully communicate with animals, it is essential to access a quiet inner place and to listen beyond the 5 senses. I would say that the most important aspects are, that of intention, love and acceptance.

The animal has to be in acceptance of you and be willing to share and communicate, for the process to be successful.  We can use different techniques or methods to achieve this meeting point, and the more we practice, the more responsive we become.

On an energetic level their vibrations, state of being or thoughts are emitted via quantum waves, when we are open and tuned into the animal we can pick these vibrations up. We receive incoming conscious information/data, and an internal translation takes place inside of us.

We automatically run this this against our own stored data in form of experiences, smells, tastes, images and when the received data reaches a match in our minds we experience the received information in form of words, feelings or images.

What we see, feel and experience, are our own personal internal human interpretation of what has been relayed to us. Compare this to two people describing the same situation or object. The descriptions will be very similar but probably not identical as we as all different individuals.

So why is this so important to me that I dedicate a whole page to explain this to you?

It all stems from my unconditional love for all animals, it is a deep and unexplainable love that overrides everything. (even my own life and safety at times.

We are living in a world full of turmoil where the animals are the losers.

The Human rampaging across our fragile planet are bringing us ever closer to the 6th mass extinction with many precious species going extinct every day literally as we speak.

Though my photography I urgently wish to create awareness and love for other creatures, the need to protect them and preserve their habitats, before it is too late. Love and awareness automatically leads to engagement in matters, that might have otherwise passed us by ……

By relaying the messages and emotions the animals carry across to the human sphere, I am hoping to achieve reactions and actions to create a positive chance.

I am hoping you’ll to; take your time ….Let yourself be moved….rest your eyes on theirs….allow yourself to feel and experience what goes on in their world… We ALL need to help preserve what we have left of this incredible place we call home.

I am building the bridge…. I invite you to walk across …….