This intriguing PHOTOGRAPHIC SAFARI is UNIQUE in the way that it focuses on the migratory species of the Southern African plains, their lives, habits, and survival in the ever changing cycles of rains and drought  creating amazing migratory patterns necessary for the survival of many of Africa’s grazing species.

Botswana, with its vast wilderness and incredibly prolific wildlife is without question one of the top of destinations for a photographic safari of this kind. Every year, at the onset of the rains in November, up to 25,000 zebra begin their annual migration through Botswana. It is known as the second largest Zebra Migration in Africa. The mass movement of these animals starts from North of the Boteti River, which is predominantly a harsh dry environment during the hot months of July through to November. The first rains bring one of the greatest transformations witnessed in Africa, as the Nxai Pan and Makgadikgadi Pan areas transform into important habitats for migrating animals. Herds include wildebeest and one of Africa’s biggest Zebra populations. The mass migration, lures large predators, like lion , leopard , cheetah, wild dogs and hyenas.

We will take you to environments that people have only ever dreamt of experiencing. Wilderness that National Geographic and BBC wildlife have featured in some of their most exciting documentaries to date. We will take you into the depths of Africa, where nature is at its most raw and nothing will stand between your camera and the untamed wild!

After following the exhilarating Zebra migration, we will enter the Central Kalahari, which is the largest, most remotely situated reserve in Southern Africa and the second largest wildlife reserve in the world. It encompasses 52 800 sq kms. Nothing prepares you for the immensity of this vast wilderness and mysterious beauty.

During and shortly after good summer rains, the flat grasslands of the reserve’s northern reaches, teem with wildlife.

These include large herds of springbok and gemsbok, as well as wildebeest, hartebeest, eland and giraffe that will offer you fantastic photographic opportunities to capture unusual wildlife in a natural setting.

On this trip, you will learn about the ways of the wild and we will introduce you to some techniques of tracking in the wildness. Under the African night sky, Disho will introduce you to some basic astronomy and how to use the Southern hemispheres’ starry night to navigate.

You will also be introduced to animal communication and how to better connect with the creatures of the wild to enhance your photographs and how they speak to the viewer. We will dine under the African stars, with the roar of lions and shrill laugh of hyenas in the distance. Meals will be prepared by our excellent chef and at the end of a long day you will go to bed in a luxury mobile safari tent, furnished for your comfort and you will enjoy warm showers under the stars in your own private bathroom, complete with a bush toilet, basin.


We promise you an experience you will never want to end……!


Day 1) Early Pick up in Kasane  and proceed to Savouti

Day 2) Savouti

Day 3) Savouti

Day 4) depart Savouti and head for Maun where we overnight

Day 5) Nxai Pan

 Day 6)Nxai Pan

Day 7) Nxai Pan

Day 8) Central Kalahari

Day9) Central Kalahari

Day 10) Central Kalahari

Day 11 )Depart from Central Kalahari and return to Maun and  Drop off


10 nights /11 days,

Maximum 5 clients

Price / person US$ 7200 Inlc. all meals, accommodation for 10 nights, transport, excl, Flights and airport taxes


 Date of commencement: Feb 28 2019

                                               Feb 28 2020


 The February date is chosen specifically to coincide with the Zebra Migration and the large gatherings of herbivores in the Central Kalahari .